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Blanc Symboliste

I’m really digging white nail polish, particularly Blanc Symboliste by YSL.


Can’t live without my bling ❤



Work look



Flats when my feet can no longer tolerate heels


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Recent happenings






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Orchids and Panthers

Why do purple orchids and black panthers make for such an irresistible combination?!

Nobody could forget Riccardo Tisci’s Fall 2011 collection, and of course how well he translated the motifs into the Resort 2012 pieces.

So this recent feature on Tisci was particularly intriguing with the analysis of the inkblot prints. The colours and prints themselves are mysterious and beautiful.

(c) Lane Crawford 2012

I can’t get enough of inspirational photography and editorials and A MAGAZINE curated by Tisci gave me that daily dose. And now excuse me while I continue to drool over the still much hyped about Resort items… major WANT on all the bags and the circle-cut skirts! I love all the clean, organic lines with those pops of fashionable blues and yellows… I daresay there’s a little bit of Alexander Wang in the architecture of the seperates, which I adore…

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Meeting Momoko (but missed VB!)

My #1 fashion icon from Japan is none other than Momoko Ogihara, producer of the brand MURUA. Since I stalked her blog regularly, I found out to my utmost delight that she was making a stop at Hong Kong to promote her label through an instore fashion event! I immediately RSVPed to secure a “styling session” with her too. Here are some photos of the gorgeous, model thin Momoko. She is really pleasant in person but also very professional when it came to styling her clients for that day – like yours truly! She was efficient, had a sharp eye for what looked good and what coordinated well, and she had to dress many many girls! Here are some photos from the event on 11 May, at THE ONE, TST.

It was a total dream come true being able to talk to my idol upclose and personal and even getting styled by her!

Unfortunately I was not free to see Victoria Beckham at her Lane Crawford event recently. She still looks very polished and beautiful and well put-together from the link below! Don’t get the hate though – I think she’s Posh for a good reason! And she’s not being a sullen, cold, robot… She’s just cool and collected and doesn’t smile that much naturally! She has always been my favourite Spice and I think she’s extremely eloquent and polite in interviews. Love her style and make up too – calling her skeletal or anorexic is just silly, there are way too many people thinner than she is.


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boho chic

Yoshida Reika, popular fashion blogger, who won the JJ x Osha-P competition last year and emerged as the brand producer for UNGRID, is the face of current Tokyo gyaru street fashion. Reika exudes a relaxed bohemian vibe with clever styling that oozes an overall ‘effortless chic’ feel to her way of dressing. Although my own personal style leans more towards the likes of ‘MODE gyaru’ a la Ena Matsumoto and Momoko Ogihara, Yoshida Reika gives the tired boho style a fresh face lift and makes it perfect for summer fashion. Check out her blog pics below.


Check out her blog for daily inspiration –

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Holographic Fashion

It’s been so long since I last blogged here! But my love for fashion hasn’t waned, that’s for sure!
For this post I’d like to share with you guys how holograms have changed the world of fashion.

This amazing footage from the Burberry FW2011 show in Beijing completely blew my mind away! Of course, other brands including McQueen and Diesel have also been known to include holographic effects in their runway shows before, but Burberry’s presentation was just refreshing and captivating.

And of course, if you haven’t already heard about the amazing Vocaloid technology in Japan, you better do a google search for it! Recently a Vocaloid “live” concert was held, by holographic characters! Check out my fav character Miku and all-time-fav song The World Is Mine, sung LIVE!!!!

Do you have any technologically fashionable things to share?

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favourites from Fall 2010

Have been so incredibly busy with school and everything, and as usual I only get to update once in a while, but nonetheless here’s a review of Fall ’10 rtw collections. To be honest this season as a whole was rather disappointing, with a lot of collections looking messy and lacking cohesion. Is there a saturation point in fashion? Or has everything always been recycled? There will never be a real answer to this, I suppose, but I’d like to think there can always be fresh ideas applied even to reused fashion.

Will just talk about the collections I actually liked (everything else is basically… bleargh).

#1 spot has to go to… LANVIN
I know, I’m surprised too, because I’m not a Lanvin type of girl and was never a fan, but this collection stunned me. It was just strong pieces, one after the other, and there was a definite statement. There were amazing shapes created even out of minimal fabric and a muted palette, but the whole collection screamed smart, simple, stylish and elegant. The use of fur and nordic elements (which have been common across many other labels this season) was used really cleverly and gave a glamorous twist to the clothes… Well done Elbaz!

Christian Dior
I really adore this collection, what I call “Oliver with a sexy Twist”!
Nothing overdone or too dramatic but shows Galliano’s genius. The colors are absolutely chic and make the clothes come alive, really, especially the dark maroons, browns and faded blues. The jackets were also incredibly well-cut and plaid looked really good. And the make-up is GORGEOUS, i love it so much!

Ann Demeulemeester
So maybe I’m biased because I love red x black, pvc and feathers, and Ann basically delivered it in a package. Nonetheless this has got to be the sleekest collection on the runway this season. It’s just so sleek, sharp and sexy. Enough said.

Alexander McQueen
Last but certainly not least… my favourite designer, McQueen. I still feel very sad to know that he is gone now, but once again I hope that he is now at peace. This is his final collection and he went out with a bang, to say the least. It really displays what a magnificent designer he is. Really… words are inadequate to describe his genius and immense dedication to every detail of his craft.

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