White is the new Black

I used to dress in head-to-toe black and feared wearing light colours especially white, just because black always seemed cooler (and skinnier!). However with summer hitting Hong Kong at about 1000degrees, lighter colours, particularly white (is white a colour?) beckoned to me. So bracing myself as I tried on a pair of light blue-grey jeans at ZARA, I was surprised that the reflection staring back at me did not scream Thunderous Thighs. In fact, I seem to look a tad more mature! As my mom put it, when you’re still young, you enjoy wearing dark colours and trying to look all cool and mature, but when you get older or you hit mid-life crisis, suddenly cotton candy pink and banana yellow don’t seem too kiddy; rather, they bring out the youthful girly side of you.

Oh, shoot.




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