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favourites from Fall 2010

Have been so incredibly busy with school and everything, and as usual I only get to update once in a while, but nonetheless here’s a review of Fall ’10 rtw collections. To be honest this season as a whole was rather disappointing, with a lot of collections looking messy and lacking cohesion. Is there a saturation point in fashion? Or has everything always been recycled? There will never be a real answer to this, I suppose, but I’d like to think there can always be fresh ideas applied even to reused fashion.

Will just talk about the collections I actually liked (everything else is basically… bleargh).

#1 spot has to go to… LANVIN
I know, I’m surprised too, because I’m not a Lanvin type of girl and was never a fan, but this collection stunned me. It was just strong pieces, one after the other, and there was a definite statement. There were amazing shapes created even out of minimal fabric and a muted palette, but the whole collection screamed smart, simple, stylish and elegant. The use of fur and nordic elements (which have been common across many other labels this season) was used really cleverly and gave a glamorous twist to the clothes… Well done Elbaz!

Christian Dior
I really adore this collection, what I call “Oliver with a sexy Twist”!
Nothing overdone or too dramatic but shows Galliano’s genius. The colors are absolutely chic and make the clothes come alive, really, especially the dark maroons, browns and faded blues. The jackets were also incredibly well-cut and plaid looked really good. And the make-up is GORGEOUS, i love it so much!

Ann Demeulemeester
So maybe I’m biased because I love red x black, pvc and feathers, and Ann basically delivered it in a package. Nonetheless this has got to be the sleekest collection on the runway this season. It’s just so sleek, sharp and sexy. Enough said.

Alexander McQueen
Last but certainly not least… my favourite designer, McQueen. I still feel very sad to know that he is gone now, but once again I hope that he is now at peace. This is his final collection and he went out with a bang, to say the least. It really displays what a magnificent designer he is. Really… words are inadequate to describe his genius and immense dedication to every detail of his craft.


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