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black cult

Words are inadequate to describe this fantastic fashion/motion graphic reel for Gareth Pugh’s Fall 09 show.

The clothes are great of course, there’s a bit of wizardry and madness in them, but I love everything about the video, the whole cyber gothic cult feeling brought to us through the rigid movements of the model, the repetition and symmetry, the fantastic use of eerie, cult-like background music, and the excellent use of the ink as motion graphic effects. One might argue that such an artistic video might not give added value to the fashion but I think this really suits Gareth Pugh’s vision very well. In particular I love the part where the model ‘grows’ legs from the coat, like a beetle. It gives a little touch of nature, of growth, to the mechanical robotic concept so apparent since the first shot.

Also, I’ve been extremely interested in the use of ink/liquids as part of motion graphic videos for some time now. This reel reminds me of a fantastic short clip done by MIL:

And some experimental photography catching ink in motion, by yours truly:

 breathe wave fireworks


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