Chanel Spring ’09 couture

Personally, I am more of a F/W person, since I like layering and dark colors. It’s either alot of black or shiny dark fabrics, or a riot of vivid colors, and not somewhere in between. That’s why S/S always makes me a little apprehensive, as no doubt there will be pieces of dreary earth tones such as faded, sandy colors or weak cactus greens. I’m biased that way – the color palette is the first thing that speaks to me.

Which is why I am a little torn over Karl’s Chanel Spring ’09 couture line. The all-white procession was very… Chanel of course. But after 16 pieces I started feeling a little cross-eyed. You can give me an all-black collection (think Y-3) and I won’t be bored; but all white? Not so much. The saviours were probably the black and white pieces that came at the end. You have to give him credit though – he made WHITE leggings look wearable!


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