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Went to the CHANEL MOBILE ART EXHIBITION today. Times like these make me feel fortunate to be in HK.


If you haven’t heard about it, it’s time you checked it out! You can also read the article about it by Wallpaper* here.

A contemporary “mobile” museum, the art container features art works inspired by the CHANEL bag, and it will be mounted and dismantled again and again, from HK to Tokyo to NYC. it’s currently at it’s first stop here in Hong Kong. the whole exhibition is a 35 min tour, engaging not only the visual, but the audio and even the olfactory.

The ‘tour’ felt short even though it was 35mins, but nevertheless it was a really an amazing experience. I loved every part of it, loved being told a story and move around feeling, listening, seeing and just… living it. Forget all high-minded interpretations about art – you just have to feel it. Art or not, the experience was great. Sophisticated, slightly detached at times… and all the while the whispery voice of the old man taking you through the tour… ❤

Also, this is my first time actually being in a Zaha Hadid architecture, and I have to say… just being in the container… although I was focused on looking at the exhibits, I couldn’t help glancing around me half the time at the arches and curves. There wasn’t a single straight wall or perpendicular angle in the entire thing. Such a small space, but so intricately organised within, that you feel like you keep travelling to the unknown. It was a pleasant surprised to exit at the entrance again.

It makes me think that architecture that really speaks to you, and impresses people on all levels, is truly great architecture. And… you have to give Karl Lagerfeld for coming up with something like this.


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